AWS (Automatic Weather Station) and Weather Sensors

YK&TECAWS (Automatic Weather Station) and Weather Sensors


Manufacture, supply and installation of a variety of weather sensory equipment plus integrated monitoring systems for various Korean government agencies as well as Army, Airforce and Navy.

Products included Wind Speed Sensors, Wind Direction Sensors and Temperature Sensors manufactured by YKNTEC to client specifications. Visibility sensors and Ceilometers have been sourced from 3rd party suppliers and our engineers integrate them successfully with other senroy equipment.

The project is ongoing and includes servicing, maintenance and recovery solutions.


  • 2006.03 ~ Ongoing
  • Meteorology
  • Jinhae-si City, Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea Army, Republic of Korea Air Force, Republic of Korea Navy, Korea Environment Corporation, Pyeongtaek Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries, KOMIPO (Seoul Thermal Power Plant), Bucheon-si Sosa-gu,


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